What is your preferred provider for disbursements?

We realise that many sellers want to avoid Paypal for various reasons. Many of the alternatives we have looked into are more expensive or do not reach as many countries.

If you could choose a payment provider for disbursements, who would you choose and where are you based (USA/UK/etc.)?
If you have used them for other platforms, it would be fantastic if you could give a brief list of pros and cons.

I’ll tally up the results and make sure we’ve looked into the favorites.

Bank transfer. Maybe unimaginable for folks inside the US but I do a lot of bank transfers in the EU. Outside the EU I use transferwise. It’s very cheap with multi-currency support. Payment confirmation usually in minutes with transferwise. Sometimes half a day.

Problem with PayPal is that they charge fees four times for example a UK customer to a seller in EU:

  1. GBP to USD conversion rate (usually bad rate from paypal, but can be creditcard rate)
  2. payment fee to tindie
  3. payment fee to seller
  4. conversion from USD to EUR (forced to use paypal rate)

I’ve calculated those costs in the past and it was near or above 10% in fees. That’s a lot.


Bank transfer. EUR or USD doesn’t matter both fine.

  1. Transferwise - very versatile system with low fees. From it we can forward money to the bank without much trouble.
  2. Payoneer - also a good platform with reasonable fees and rules, good enough for sending money elsewhere.
  3. Bank transfer (SEPA) - legally more complex in Ukraine, but still doable (unlike paypal which is impossible here).
    Both EUR and USD are fine for the first two, EUR only for SEPA

Transferwise is definitely a favorite for international sellers.
Payoneer has a fairly high monthly fee and higher fees per transaction than Paypal.
Stripe has some great features but would charge $2 plus transaction processing fees for each seller. per month.

We’re still looking into what’s possible. If anyone else wants to chime in with their preferences, please add below.

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  1. Transferwise - simple, low fees, great real human support when a problem comes and super friendly staff plus they handle a wide array of currencies in case you need to do any conversions before dropping to a bank.
  2. Payoneer - they move slower and they have higher costs than Transferwise but still better than paypal imho.
    For Europe based sellers there are other services like Monese, Revolut, Monzo and so on but the above 2 can be used beyond the EU borders without much trouble.

SEPA Bank transfer for the EU, preferrably in EUR.

I’d prefer Transferwise (ideally GBP payments into my UK account) or direct bank transfer in USD (as a UK seller I can still create a US-based USD “borderless account” via Transferwise)

For a long while I was able to use Transferwise to avoid Paypal’s rip-off exchange rates to convert USD to GBP but during recent weeks Paypal have introduced a new “foreign transaction fee” which hit even USD to USD transfers. I am not prepared to pay this on top of the existing Paypal sales fees (Paypal will then be charging more fees than Tindie on my sales!) so I have suspended my Tindie store until an alternative to Paypal is available.

I have sold on Tindie since it started and I would not have a business without it, so I really want to keep selling via Tindie and supporting the platform but I can’t do this at the moment (The ability to handle VAT properly would also help a lot)


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I would prefer:

  • wire transfer (EU SEPA payment) directly to a bank account
  • Stripe is also acceptable for me
  • Transferwise

I am located in Czechia

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Personally, I would like to see multiple choices allowed. I haven’t had any trouble with PayPal, but I’ve heard lots of stories from people who have.


Please introduce this as soon as possible.

I just filed my quarterly sales and it turns out last quarter I payed 12.4% in fees(total for tindie + paypal). This is getting insane(paypal upped their fees it seems).

This means my customers on this site have to pay 13.6% more on the product + shipping than through my own site.


@TindieTeam Please, give us an alternative to PayPal as soon as possible! PayPal is a band of thieves, with dysfunctional and arrogant support that avoids questions.

They recently removed a way to withdraw money without currency conversion - the only way is to convert USD to my home currency with the terrible PayPal’s rate which makes me lose over 8 % of the profit on PayPal’s currency conversion. PayPal is currently the only reason I am considering quitting Tindie.


Hi Tindie team - is there any progress on this?

Hey Jason, we’re working on getting Wise (Transferwise) set up.


Amazing! I can’t wait for Wise. Is there an ETA?

We’re having to work out some business processes which are taking some time to iron out. Sorry for the delay, but it will be worth it when it’s sorted.

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It’s been almost three months since the last update ­— any news?

Just trying to keep their fees coming in I think. All quiet on the Western front.

feel like a ghost boat with nobody to drive there anymore…

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