Is Tindie being actively developed or is the platform on maintenance mode only?


The community forums here see very little traffic and there is no indication that this platform is under any kind of development whatsoever. There are threads going back 5 years about the API and suggestions made as recently as 2018 that new features were in the works coming soon.

Here we are in 2020, and I still have no way to mark an order shipped or provide tracking information. Is this platform under any development or are we in maintenance mode here? Are there developers working on Tindie today? Is there a roadmap?

More to the point - I’ve been waiting around for a couple years for these promised features, time I could have spent building up a store on a platform which is actually being developed.


Couple weeks with no response is the answer I had expected.

For any potential sellers: keep this in mind.


For my orders, I have the ability to add tracking numbers which then marks the order as shipped. In fact, only by doing so am I able to get paid for my orders. Is this not how Tindie works for you?


The key word here being “API”, meaning a way to do this programatically like every other online storefront site on the internet. Probably should have made that clearer in the title.

With the current Tindie API I can pull all my orders for day via a script. It will then use the Shipstation API to purchase and print postage for all the days shipments. The Shipstation API then allows me to export the resulting tracking numbers for each order. What we’re missing is a way for a script to take that information and send it back to Tindie, to mark each shipment as “shipped”, and to fill in the tracking info if available.

The current process is manual which is fine if you’re low-volume or not lazy. I’m not selling crazy amounts of stuff, but I’m super lazy, and clicking around in a web UI is driving me nuts. My code is currently at the state where paid postage labels print out of my printer automatically as orders come in. The last step is feeding that info back into Tindie and which would result in a fully hands-off process.


Ah, Yeah, sorry for the confusion. I saw API at the start of your post and then forgot about it by the end. I understand your frustration. I only have to deal with a handful of orders each week right now; so, the manual method isn’t TOO much work.


Hello @luma,

We have fallen behind with checking the forum, but will make a renewed effort to check it from now on. You’ll always get the fastest response if you email

When Tindie was started, it was envisioned for small-batch indie electronics, so a lot of the functionality to sell at scale was not included. TBH - this lack of functionality has helped keep a lot of mass producers off the platform. However, we do realize that both e-commerce and manufacturing technology has moved on and we do need to up our game and make it a lot easier for sellers.

Tindie is still growing and is still the best place to find unique creator made electronics. You can, of course, make your own store, use eBay, amazon or crowdfund your products, but we are still easier and cheaper than many places for people to make the first steps in selling online. We do want to develop Tindie so that sellers don’t graduate off Tindie because of the manual admin overhead or any other reason.

We have one developer, so things do take time. If you would like to be one of the beta testers for the new API, please let me know and I will add you to the list.

Thanks for selling on Tindie and staying with us!


I’d like to echo the sentiment that Tindie has made it stupid simple for a basement hacker like myself to fire up an online presence and sell a few widgets. It’s for this reason that I’d prefer to stay on the platform, and I’m happy to hear that there is in fact work being done to close some of the gaps in API functionality.

Thanks @jasminebrackett!