Minimal API never to be extended?

Is that all for the API? No possibility of integration with shopify, etc.?

Back in 2018 someone remembered an earlier post where apparently the plan was to extend the API over time. It looks like the API is still as minimal as ever, though, almost thee years later. Will it ever happen, or is the buzzing in the corners right about Tindie being at a stand-still, development-wise?


Here’s a request from 7 years ago asking for features like “marking a product shipped”. I posed a similar question last year and was met with assurances that yes, the platform continues to be developed and that there is some beta API one can request access to. I cannot find anyone referencing being accepted into that beta, all outward signs are that beta either doesn’t exist or has accepted zero users outside of Tindie.

To my knowledge, no API features have been added in those 7 years. The API is still 100% read only, and with the recent acquisition I don’t hold out any hope that we’ll see any further functionality added any time soon. Promises of the upcoming API and dangling “beta” access are the standard-issue response going back as far as 2018.

Those promises were, and continue to be, unfulfilled.

Tindie has been on life support for years, there is no outward sign of any effort being put toward the platform despite repeated claims to the contrary.

If any Tindie employee wants to jump in with assurances that this time it’s all different (as is customary with these threads), you can probably save your breath. Our expectations are so low you couldn’t trip over them at this point, and Tindie can do nothing but disappoint. Better just to lock the thread (like they did with mine) and continue to collect the platform fees from anyone still hanging around.