WEEE regulations / selling in EU


I was thinking about selling open source hardware on tindie (from Germany) and I am not sure about EU regulations in regards to recycling etc. (looks easier to sell to the US from Germany than to sell in Germany from Germany tbh).
If I understand it correctly: If I sell a complete working product (e.g. not an unassembled PCB) I have to register ‘my company’ and my product in every EU country separately and I have to take care of electronics recycling etc.
How do you deal with that or do people just ignore it and hope for the best (since most of the stuff is sold in very low quantities)?

Thanks and cheers!

IMHO if your shipments to a country or region start being returned by customs authorities, you set up a special shipping rate of $99,999 for shipping to that country or region with an explanation that “customs authorities in ____ make it impossible for me to ship products there.”

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There’s no need to set up “blocking” shipping rates for some countries, since Tindie allows to simply un-select or explicitly exclude one or more countries, and the shipping on the product page will simply be listed as non-available:

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