Watchmandoor wBolt

I’m new to this smart home automation and was hoping someone could help me figure out if I can get a particular product to work in my home.

I want to install a watchmandoor wBolt.

The issue is the bridge they sell only work on 220 volts AC. My understanding is it’s the bridge that will allow me to open and close the lock remotely over the Internet.

I’m assuming the bridge will connect the device to the Internet. I’m not so sure about Zigbee stuff. My confusion is a few things. Does the bridge connect to the lock via Bluetooth and bridge it over the Internet via tcpip.

Is there a device I can substitute their bridge with that will allow me to accomplish my goal of opening and closing the lock over the Internet.

I’m concerned about their android app working on a different bridge, or it really does not matter and can use a different app that uses Zigbee.

I guess you can see my confusion now about what I’m trying to do.

Thank you