Wanted category

I’d like to see a forum category for projects wanted. i.e. suggestions for useful projects that don’t exist but should.

For example I want a Bluetooth-AptX-in to headphone-out device with a DSP in between for making in-line audio filters which is configurable over the Bluetooth with some kind of generic API T.B.D.

Your wish is my command!

I wish it were always so easy having one’s thoughts turned into action. Thank you so much!

Now if only I can attract a developer to build my widget. :slight_smile:

And if someone might be interested and can package it attractively enough I’ve got an app ready for it that could make us both some money.

Want to be able to select from a set of very inexpensive phones and yet have them sound like a selection from among the very best? I am doing that right now listening to my unusually comfortable $30 Philips SHL9075A sounding very convincingly like my $225 AKG K702 with a PC demo I’ve put together. There are many other choices possible and the list can grow at will. The widget I want can commercialize that app.

Hi, New user here,

I work specifically with Spark Core Micro-controller shields and development. These devices are new to the market this year. Here is a link to there Community: http://community.spark.io

Would you please ADD Platorm Type in Listing Page for “Spark Core” along with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc.

After you do this I can post on the Spark Core Community forum your system now includes Spark Core sells, etc.




Sorry, Bobby, but I don’t understand what you are suggesting.

That’s okay, I do that alot :smile:

When I post a listing on tindie.com it has a dropdown for Platforms. I am asking for “Spark Core” to be added; if you would.

Thanks, Bobby

I think you are asking the wrong guy. I’m just a customer here that asked via this forum for somebody to create a particular project. What you are asking might make perfect sense to someone, just not to me. :slight_smile:

Sorry abou that. Thanks for letting me know.

Changes are on the way :slight_smile: Just another week or so…