USPS - Tracking suppression of import registered mail for some countries

Since October 1 of 2015 USPS stop Tracking of Import Registered Mail of some countries:

This is the final list of countries than USPS accept registered mail for now:

I’m a seller from Spain, yep isn’t is on list… now I’m having trouble with some shipments because the tracking number is useless.

Shipment (DHL, EMS,…) to the United States with valid tracking numbers costs 5 times more than a normal registered mail to other countries.

To try to change this situation I found this petition on

Regards, J.Rodrigo

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Ah, now it makes sense why my item shipped to here in Taiwan the US is not being tracked like it is tracked to European countries… This is pretty crappy service indeed. I’ve signed the petition.

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I signed too. I certainly hope something changes. No tracking just leads to headaches for all involved.

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