Understanding Tindie Selling Options and Choices

I’m having a bit of difficulty with providing buyers with the three options for a particular product. Basically there are three options A, B, and C, all the same price. Is there a quick guide explaining how to do this? So far I seem to always get three different pulldown tables with one option when what I want is one pulldown table with three options.

Hi locus_eng_inc,

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For adding options to a particular product, this guide will be helpful: How do I create additional options for my product?

You are able to add multiple drop-down selections as you mentioned. If you need further explanation, I am happy to help.

Tindie Team


Once you’ve added A on this page:

Click on ‘New Option’ on the botton right (instead of ‘Save’).

You can then add B, and then click ‘New Option’ to add C. After you’ve added A,B,C there; click Save.

Make sure you check ‘A selection must be made before adding to the cart’ to ensure that one of options is selected.

Hope that helps!

Hello Jasmine,
Thanks so much, I’ll try that! I was getting confused between the options and the choices.


Claude Haridge
Engineering Manager
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