Tracking of elderly

Is there anything to look out for if I want to develop a set of tools to monitor my mother who has dementia. I wanna monitor her preferably using my Android phone via a LORA tracker. I got this from Lilygo after asking them for a recommendation. I’m a coder but I have never done any hardware before, not to mention LORA. I’m from Singapore and I got the 915Mhz version. Any advice or help will be great! Thanks! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

My mother has dementia and has eloped from her home, and gone missing for hours, and with serious injuries. She is now living in a secure residence. fLORA devises could work, but I think that keeping them safe at home is the priority. Home Assistant could be a inexpensive way to set up a network of sensors to alert you to dangerous situations.
There are many zigbee and esp32 sensors that can be automated to send alerts. Presence, motion , door alarms, cameras etc…not to mention cameras. GPS trackers might work also. But the have to wear them 24/7 and not lose them, My mother was constantly losing or hidng various items .
And finally , once you think that every thing is figured out, their disease enters another stage.
Best wishes.

Thanks! Will look into what you have suggested! Hope things are more manageable for you now. Have a gd wk.