Total ordered vs Sold

The dashboard shows a ‘total ordered’ table header with a number next to the product under the “Products With Low Stock:” header(which is only visible when your product is in low stock).

The products page shows a ‘sold’ header with a number next to the product.

The total ordered number is lower than the sold number.
What is exactly the difference between the two?


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Thanks for your post.

The “# Sold” total shown on the products page is for the entire life of the product, while the dashboard will only show the totals for the date range selected. You can adjust the range via the “Change Dates” button.

I hope that helps! Feel free to message us at with any questions.

Tindie Team

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Thanks for the quick reply!

However, that can’t be correct. I haven’t sold that quantity in that period. I just updated my product stock so it is not visible anymore on the “Products With Low Stock” table.

I’ll send you a screenshot through mail. :slight_smile: