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Howdy Everybody,

My name is Bryant and I’m a part of Tindie’s Global Support Team. I’m also Tindie’s User Engagement Ambassador, which means that I am responsible for uplifting your voice, concerns, and questions that pertain to operational changes and user experience. We’re impressed to see how engaged our electronic enthusiast community has been over the past decade. Whether you’re a buyer or seller, our community members leverage current and past experiences to nurture a resourceful knowledge base center for advice or direction.

However, we occasionally come across forums that have a primary focus on niche support requests that may contain private or sensitive information. To better serve you and protect your privacy we advise that you email us directly for the following requests:

  • Product or order issues
  • Refunds
  • Tracking questions
  • Disputes
  • Checkout issues
  • Unable to contact the seller
  • Disbursement issues


Anyone experiencing the following please attempt to contact your seller first to expedite your service request, if you do not hear back within 2 business days then proceed to contact our support team.


Please contact support immediately.

We appreciate your dedicated support and wish everyone a fantastic day :sunglasses: :+1:,

Bryant Ramirez Cruz
User Engagement Ambassador

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What if my order was shipped with no tracking with USPS? Do they not track their packages

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  • Disputes
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Hi @xEmperorNortonx,

We would encourage you to email us at hello@tindie.com to answer order-specific questions :grinning:

Our support team is looking forward to receiving your support request,

I have sent multiple emails thru the website, but the website never displays the messages I sent. The equipment is damaged. I sent an email immediately that I got the shipment in.

The base is dented and the shaft on the vertical motor is bent too.

the order is order # 405029

Gabriel Rincon

@flyingcrawfish Was this when you tried to contact the seller directly through messaging? Or when you emailed our customer service team either at hello@tindie.com or using the form here https://sf-tindie.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new ?