Tindie need small upgrades

  1. Shipping address on orders is ok for US format addresses but when the address street is weird or the name is strange is very difficult to identify which is which, specially if they are long and go to the next line


This could be solved very easily with coloring the lines, or with “Name:” “Street:” labels as with email and phone.

I know I can use the CSV output but then since there is no API to send the tracking code I still need to use this page… so why not just use 30 minutes and improve this?

  1. Make the order number clickable


When someone writes a message, why I need to manually copy the number? also the title is interactive so it is quite annoying. Write a plugin or do something. This is also an easy fix

Hi @eried,

We appreciate your feedback and I’ve added your request to our sellers enhancement list. Unfortunately, there are no plans to further develop our current process until we’ve heard further notice from Supplyframe.

I’m sorry this wasn’t the answer you were looking for but for the time being, we are just going to have to be patient.