Tindie flagged activity for product debut (RESOLVED)

Hi, I put up inventory last night and it sold out in minutes, as many people were planning on buying during its debut for weeks now, but first Tindie paused disbursements, and now this morning the product is awaiting ‘administrative approval’, after having been approved weeks ago, having even been reviewed by some very public youtubers.

This is beyond frustrating, as

#1 I have no way of knowing who/how to ship to dozens of customers who have purchased

#2 Everyone who was sent a notification email last night are met with a blank page. Are they now lost forever as potential waitlist customers?

#3 Tindie seems to offer no support on the weekend, even though their automatic systems caused this major problem on a Friday evening, and the longer it is in the state, the greater the financial implications.

Any advice??

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As one of those possible customers - because thanks to that state of affairs on the part of Tindie and not yourself, I do not even know if I am, despite seeing the money being deducted - I’d just like to state my own support for and shock at this being something they can allow.
It’s frankly a ridiculous situation to have put one of the sellers - the people bringing money via the site - in, and equally so for the customers of Tindie - the people putting that money in via the site.
As I’m sure the other possible customers will realise.
Get it sorted, Tindie. This kind of thing will do your rep far more lasting damage than the sellers.

Hi. First off thank you so much for your support.
My main goal with all of this was just to share back with the Atari community that I’ve learned so much from over the past several years.

EDIT: Tindie has reached out to me personally via phone and were very apologetic and gracious. They are working on solving the issues right now, which was a result of the much higher than expected initial activity on the product page.

So thanks! And looking forward to getting these products in your hands.