Sum of product options stock = total product stock

This may be more of a feature request than question. What I would like to see is the ability for a product option stock update to impact the overall product stock.

If I sell Widgets in colors black and white, I should only have to manage the stock of the black and white versions and not the Widget product. The main product stock should be a cumulative stock of the versions/options.

I realize this doesn’t work for all product options, but maybe a check box, or the ability to add a section for product versions could fix this.

Updating inventory in two places is redundant unless I’m missing something.

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If it’s there, I’m missing it too. What I did was set the main product stock to something absurdly high and let the options/variations stock handle the rest. Messes up the stock numbers on the dashboard but I already spend enough time managing Tindie and don’t want to give it much more.

The technology is out there (WooCommerce handles it fine, for example) so it’s a matter of it being able to be integrated into the platform. Seems like a trivial thing from the outside but if it wasn’t built with that purpose initially, it could end up being significant work to add in.

Thank you for your feedback! The options are currently set up this way as sometimes sellers offer extra parts, and not just variations on a product, which can often be a different stock amount.

I’ll pass your suggestions to our engineering team for further consideration.

-Armando A
Tindie Support