wrong tracking #s?

I’ve had two labels that I printed on 3/15 with and both tracking numbers are for packages shipped several months ago. Anyone else seen this sort of thing?

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Hi philba,

That sounds a bit odd. Have you already contacted to inquire about this?

Yes, I contacted them but have not heard back. And, honestly, don’t expect to - they don’t usually bother to respond.

Both packages have arrived at their correct destinations. Since then, I check the tracking number for each order and have yet to see another problem.

It’s a USPS thing - they recycle tracking numbers after a few months and they don’t always have the history cleared before doing so. Usually no issues other than a bit of confusion since it shows the wrong location or already being delivered.

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I received a response from They are looking into but admit that other people have reported a similar problem.

The damage from it is to my reputation - it makes me look like I don’t have my business under control. Fortunately the customer’s received their orders so perhaps no real harm done.


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Morning philba,

I’m glade to hear that your customer received their parcel. So long as you’ve communicated to your customer any delays or short comings received from your 3rd party mailing service you should be fine. Even before the pandemic shipping issues have existed so at the very least I believe your buyer was satisfied with the excellent level of customer service you provided.

Keep it up!