Solenoid valve timer

Hey there,
looking for someone who can make a prototype product for long term project

I need a timer with led screen that can be attached to:

Idea is to count up and display the time that the valve is operating (switched on).


  • timer should be in 4 digit ss:msms format, (similar to this) and should keep the last value for 60 sec or until the valve is switched on again

  • power is available form valve but have to plan to hold the value on screen so probably small battery is needed.

  • by activating the valve, timer resets and starts to count.

  • display has to be small and on a long (10cm) flexible cord as it will be mounted by magnet away from valve.

  • would be good to have tolerance to measure this for 220/60 and also 230/50 current

  • Hoping to develop a simple, plug and play device (connect to the valves pins), that novices can attach to valve without extra tools or interfering with existing setup of machine

physically would be good to look like

Cheers, and looking forward to your offers :slight_smile:


Can make you a prototype for the solenoid valve timer. i need more info about this .,

i need to know your budget and time frame ?


Sending PM your way, thanks!

Is this to be a debug device, and thus rugged? I’m assuming this is for an AC device, correct? (The valve page doesn’t give any explicit specs to know.) Sounds like something an ATtiny with a 4 digit display could handle without a problem or even a need for an external RTC and would actually be more accurate. Could also easily work with 120/240VAC 60/50Hz.

But I’m curious about your first requirement, particularly the format with respect to 4 digits. Do you want seconds with milliseconds, (which would require 6 digits), or seconds with tenths of seconds? Is the last value shown for 1 minute essentially the duration showing how long the valve was on?

Last question for now, is there any interaction or buttons to this device, other than perhaps to set whether the line was 60 or 50 Hz? (Actually, that last part may not be necessary.)

Hey there, this would be a device for coffee machines. But as the solenoid valves are quite versatile, tool can be used in many ways. I imagine that some reasonable protection from water/heat/physical movement should be there, but again, this is not a tool you would use in field, rather in controlled environment.

Agreed about ATTiny - the functions required are super simple - love the idea of “more universal” tool.

The digit topic - you are absolutely correct - I mis-labeled tenths of seconds as milliseconds. I believe 4 digits would be good then.

Original thought is that tool is super straight forward, so I do not intend to have any buttons. Maybe power switch on the main box would be good, just to keep it safe but thats about it.

Feel free to PM me if you feel you can take this project on :slight_smile:

Ah. It sounds like only falling would be the only occasional issue. :slight_smile:

Yes, I think it would work well as a backpack board on the display itself. I’m still pondering the need for batteries though. It sounds like this would more-or-less be a fixed/semi-permanent unit. Since the unit wouldn’t need to stay on longer than a minute, a small “supercap” approach would get the job done, but a little more hardware would be needed. Otherwise AA or AAA batteries would work fine.

No problem!

It’s definitely something I can handle. Only the display aspect would be new but not difficult. I’ll try to PM shortly.

I think I PM’d properly. This forum is a little hard to follow. At first I thought I had made a forum post, so you may have received it twice. Let me know if you’ve received it at all though.

I made you a prototype , i used attiny13 and a 4 digit display firing a ssd. cost around 8usd ,

so do you want a video ? post you the prototype…