Shipping to Europe from USA

Hi all!

What shipping company are you using to ship from USA to Europe (E.U)?

For small parcel, one that fits in a padded envelope I tried:

USPS First Class:

  • Good: ~$15
  • Not so good: Have to fill the custom form


  • Good: I don’t have to fill the custom form
  • Not so good: ~$25 (They use USPS)

I noticed that DHL, at least when shipping from E.U to USA, it is relatively cheap… at least that is what I pay for shipping for certain products.
But when I get I quote only in DHL to ship from USA to E.U the quote is ~$80 (???).

Have anyone tried any other courier? Which one would you recommend? thanks!

Hey riq,

I can’t really provide you with a suggestion for choosing a shipping service but I think it would be super useful to check out Tindie’s terms page. They mention an important notice regarding shipping restrictions.

I’ve included a screenshot of that detail highlighted and a direct link to their terms:

Hope this helps,


I found that is a good option to ship to Europe. It uses USPS, but you can do the custom form their page, and also is a bit chepear than going to USPS directly

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Using going from USA to Intl makes it pretty easy. The customs form is automated (you fill in description, price, quant and the HS Tariff number). Recently (several months ago), they switched to everything goes through a global dist center in LA (may be an East Coast one, too) so the label address is for that and there they reship to the international address you put in. I like this a lot because some packages used to get stuck in USPS limbo before leaving the USA (one spent 2 weeks bouncing around the West Coast).

A note on the customs form - getting description and HS Tariff number correct is important. The description can be simple but needs to use words from the actual HS Tariff description. The customs people are not terribly sharp, probably only have seconds to make a decision and just do “simple pattern matching”. For example I sell circuit boards that are used in CNC machines. The HS Tariff section for them is NC Control or some such. So along with the correct HST number, the description is for “NC Control PCB + Assembly Kit”. Never had a problem based on that.

When I diverge from that wording, about 20% get kicked back - usually with “unclaimed” as the problem but I suspect any head scratchers just get tossed into the reject bin. So, keep it simple for the customs people.

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Thanks for the detailed answer!

No problem. There isn’t a lot of practical advice for folks like us (intl sellers in the USA) so I try to help where I can.