Shipping products with an integrated LiPo Battery


I was wondering if anybody has experience with shipping items with a LiPo battery inside. I’ve got a product that I’m thinking of launching but I’m concerned about shipping (within the U.S. initially).

Outside of basic safety stuff (limiting charge current and preventing over-discharge), and including a “don’t puncture, burn or otherwise do stupid things that cause batteries to catch fire” warning in the package are there any recommendations for battery safety?



I have the same exact concern. What are the rules for shipping such products? does Tindie have any guidelines on this issue?

If you have batteries, DHL express accepts up to two devices per package with batteries. Think about that as an option.

Many times I thought about shipping the batteries and I was really afraid of this. :thinking:Thanks for the suggestions!

It really depends on where you are shipping from and to. Different countries and shipping companies have different guidelines as to sizes and amounts that can be shipped.