Shipping only US

I am working on a hobby project to sell on tindie and did not create a seller account to date but wondering if I could sell lower 48 only. Not International or am I required to sell International.
Until I get a hang of creating shipping labels through PayPal I would prefer to ship lower 48 only for now and expand to International at a later date.
Thanks for any helpful information.

Shipping rates are created then assigned per item so you could restrict sales/shipping to US only. If someone wants to order and you don’t have a rate established, they can submit a shipping request and you can either create a rate to cover their country or decline.

I don’t see a way to exclude Alaska and Hawaii but if using USPS and PayPal shipping (, those are no big deal.

Your reply clears up my inquiry and is greatly appreciated. It has been many years since I sold online and back then the few overseas sales processed I would send the item to an International shipping house and they would process all the custom stuff. For the couple dollar item I plan to sell the extra work may not pay off. That is why I am reluctant to sell overseas at this time. I sooner stick to US at this time and as you stated Alaska and Hawaii should be no big deal. It will just cost more to ship. I will chug along for now. Thanks again.