Resemble 4 - continued

All good points. Cables especially. I know from experience (and I’m not very) that setting up patches is time consuming and usually starts with no sound coming out, so a pre-configured patch on the patch board behind the panel does make sense. I was facetiously just throwing out the idea of a Euro-patch SEM but of course it’s an entirely different concept.

Since I am not a very good player, you should definitely do more playing. I can build what you need at almost the drop of a hat if you take a break. i sort of have an overflow of modules to be honest!

Appreciate the offer of doing a build! Let’s get what I have working and take some time to use this stuff. I’d rather use you to do new cool stuff than building stuff for me. Like that wavefolder VCO we talked about.

The other reason to play with the stuff we have is to get new ideas. Doing a patchbay for the reSEMble panel should be fairly easy since you have that busboard anyway. I’ve ended up doing something very basic to test and calibrate the reSEMble modules, gotta show you that soon, you’ll get a laugh out of it.

A patchable SEM is not a bad idea 'though. Something between the fully patchable modules and the reSEMble panel. The problem with a patchbay, like the Behringer Neutron has (and the patch panel-equipped SEM), is that the patchpoints are separate from the functions, and I find that difficult to follow. But, if the patchpoints are closer to the functions, the cables get in the way. So, something like the EML-101, where the patchpoints are close to the functions but not in the way, might be ideal. This is another reason MU and 5U are good, there’s more room.

If you think this is a direction you might consider, I can start mocking up some Euro-sized panels and see how it looks. Might wait until I’ve had a chance to fool with the panel 'though, see what the limitations are.

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For the time being maybe we should stick to the current reSEMble design and their individual module variants. I think we have a few issues to resolve as we get the big panel finished and the patching working. If we get all that done then maybe then we’ll consider another format.

I’ve noticed the interface to this forum has changed. It’s much more difficult to find the messages in the various threads. How does it look on your end?

I haven’t noticed any change to the forum.