Regulatory approvals (FCC, CE, ...)?

I hope you don’t mind me asking this question here openly. I guess it will be removed by the moderators anyway if it’s not appropriate. :wink:

I’m thinking about putting one of my projects here for selling. The first thing that makes me hesitate is the question of regulatory approvals. I’m talking about the FCC, CE, etc. certifications. As far as I know getting these approvals costs a significant amount of money but you’re not allowed to sell electronic items without having them.

I’m wondering how this is handled by the seller, maker comminuty here? Do you just not bother? Or is there a cheap way to get the approvals? Also wondering what Tindie’s official position is in this regard?

Many thanks for any hints, ideas, comments, etc.

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Thanks for your post.

Sellers are also responsible for researching any certification they may need to sell items. In the US, selling items as kits often helps to simplify FCC requirements for certification. It’s a little old, but this article may be helpful

Essentially, if you’re required to certify to sell elsewhere, then you’ll need the same certification to sell on Tindie. If you are exporting to countries that have strict rules, you may get away with sending items, but you do risk them being returned by Customs. When this happens, we refund the customer in full.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at

Tindie Team

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Thank you for your response and the helpful link.

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