Print shipping labels

Do any sellers use a Chromebook to print shipping labels on Tindie. If so, could you share your method used. Thermal label printers seem the way to go but Chrome compatible label printers are not cheap when it comes to the hobby seller.

I don’t use a chromebook.

I just use a regular laser printer (cheap because toner) and print labels on a regular paper. Tape them around the edges onto what I am shipping. I try to cover the tracking number but you don’t want to cover the barcode

A thermal printer would be nice but if you can get a regular laser printer may be the way to go for now.

Thanks for the response. I have an HP inkjet that works on Chrome so I guess that will be my choice of printer for now. The laser jet is an excellent idea and I will look into one on Ebay being that my inkjet is a 2009 model. Research claims that a wifi thermal label printer works on Chrome with an APP but price is too much for my wallet. I use a win10 laptop and the Chromebook but the Chrome grew on me for everyday usage. The win10 is required to run the overhead of proprietary software so both are valuable tools to me. Great info. Thanks.