Pre Soldering Kits


I’m currently developing a product which is secret but have came over a bit of a plan.

Now for most products (including my current one) we charge a certain fee for soldering. (I charge £5 extra I think to cover costs and time).

But could it be cheaper and easier for me and you to offer pre-soldered as standard?

My current product is going to stay as optional due to the nature, some kits are enjoyable when you have to learn to solder them.

But my next product may be soldered as standard, its essentially cheaper for me to fully solder every kit than it is to offer both. This is from where I can actually solder quicker than count out every part to make sure I get the exact amount right.

So what’s your view on this? I can charge £11.99 for all kits soldered or £9.99 for a kit and then £5 extra due to the fact of double packaging, counting out and time used.

Why not just get it assembled instead? Hand soldering kits could become a huge time killer…

I’m not really sure where I can get them done as its all DIP. The PCBS are being made in the UK still and would then have to post all parts to them. I am including in the cost the time it costs for me to do it.

I am at the lead vs non lead again. This product is going to be used in Schools and for kids so I would normally use Non Leaded. But the results are a little spiky in places and are going to be coated in conformal coating.

Does anyone know any PCBA in the UK? (And cheap, I’m talking £1 a board or less for 56 pins).

Only you know how many kits vs. assembled boards you sell. If the number of sold kits is minimal, and sales for assembled versions are good, you might decide to shift towards selling fully assembled boards. Maybe keep diy as an option for the odd person that really want to build the project by hand. You could limit availability of the latter, so it doesn’t get out of control. If the demand for diy should be small, it wouldn’t suck up your time, but you might still sell a few once in a while.