Pisugar 3 Schedule Wake Up is not working

Pisugar 3 Schedule Wake Up is not working.

If I set like this, pi sugar should turn on at 11:00am doesn’t it?

every night, I turn off my raspberry pi by pressing power switch on pisugar and put type c charger to pi sugar. I expect them to wake up at 11:00am but nothing changes.
How do I use schedule wake up function?

Please let me know.

Hey Jungwoo,

The best way to get your technical questions answered would be by contacting the store seller. I’ve provide a help article for you to follow, How do I contact a seller?

If you still experience issues reaching out to the seller please reach out to our support team at hello@tindie.com.

Cheers to the weekend,

Hello @jungwoo, you can contact the seller on the product page or Pi Sugar store page:


Sorry for waiting!
Frist,please set a short wake-up function and observe what happens.Such as the led light,nothing happen…
Second,please dump the i2c and send us the screenshot to issue the problem.

Sorry for that,
PiSugar Team