Pi zero canbus wanted

I’m looking for someone to design a canbus board for a pi zero. Preferred it would be pi zero form factor with a db9 connector. It would connect thru i2c or spi (there are several open source designs out there). I’m just looking to have someone design it. I’d be willing to pay some for design and to have boards made.


Hi Travis,
I may be able to help. I’m the designer of NoCAN, a CANbus based IoT network (see: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1242572682/nocan-the-wired-iot-platform-for-makers).

In your case, I would suggest a design based on a MCP2551, which communicates with the Raspberry Pi with SPI. It’s a popular approach, that simply needs to be adapted to the Pi Zero form factor. There are already Linux drivers for this chip so it’s an easy path.
I can design it if you are interested. It might even be interesting to others in the community. Send me a PM to discuss details if interested.

Hi Travis

If this helps I have a RPi CAN Bus board on Tindie listed here:

It can also do RS232 or RS485 as well as CAN Bus.

I’ve already designed a RPi Zero CAN bus version which I’m waiting on PCB’s if you want to send me a PM