Packaging options

Hello sellers!
I have been a seller on tindie since a year and the common problem I face is that Packing the Products.
Being a maker it is hard to order 1k Corrugated boxes in bulk for packing my Tindie products. I have ordered many of my supplies from Amazon and have its boxes preserved. :package:
Now, I feel concerned if I can pack the product in the Amazon or any other company brand box.
Anyhow the customer throws or discards the box, so is it right right invest in getting a new box supply or reuse the old ones.
NOTE- I am talking here about the good quality boxes that I have preserved. No wear and tear could be seen on those boxes.
Pleade Help me out with this.
Stay safe and get vaccinated if you aren’t yet
Thank you :blush:

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I think there’s really no reason to not re-use packages that’ll be otherwise trashed. I mean, also if we don’t consider the cost issue! I re-used Amazon boxes for my Tindie orders sometimes, other times I ran out and needed to purchase new boxes. About the branding, yes, it can be issue in the eyes of the purchaser; but if we’re just talking about shipping boxes, they’ll be trashed anyway. I simply completely wrap them in dark packing tape, so the old branding is barely visible. Also make sure to apply a sticker or a label clear enough so the buyer doesn’t assume he received something from Amazon before opening it: he could reject the package if he didn’t order anything from them…