Orders trigger "suspicious activity"?

Hey Tindie,

My store has been dormant for the past year due to shortage of available parts, but I’m now able to source stock and am ramping back up to full availability. However, I’m hitting a problem.

I have a reasonable-sized backlog of orders in the waitlist, and since I’m scaling I’m only able to release small batches of stock at a time. My customers are understanding of this, and know to just sign back up to the waitlist if they miss out on a given batch.

This is causing a flurry of orders every time I release stock, and this is apparently causing Tindie to flag my store as “suspicious”. This is making it super hard for me to track stock levels, and the fact Tindie then suspends my ability to disburse makes it difficult to actually ship (since obviously shipping cost needs to be covered on my end, and I have no guarantee on how long the disbursement will be suspended for) and restock for the next batch.

Is there anything we can do about this? My store has been on here now for several years and I have well over two-hundred orders without a single issue - I don’t understand why it’s suddenly being labelled as suspicious.

Ross Bamford

Same here, did you get a reply to this question? Thank you!

I did not. In the end, this was the kick I needed to finally begin transitioning away from Tindie.


Please contact us at hello@tindie.com for help with this issue.

Armando A
Supplyframe Support