Order delayed processing or missing

I received the out of stock email a few hours ago - but no associated order to generate this condition.

I remember previously being caught out by this, looked at my current stock counts for a specific product, it was wrong - added an extra unit - then a delayed order came thru - and realised that i had over stated the stock count (luckily for me, since i have very small numbers I usually keep a spare item back, in case something goes wrong)

But this one this morning seems to be still missing. Does anyone know of this issue - what kind of delays typically can happen.


PS: I do wonder if Tindie is tittering on the edge of collapse - no updates with EU VAT changes, issues like above and no development/updates on their site for such a long time.

I am just a hobbyist, and so if Tindie cant work for me - I am not sure where i can go sell my stuff.

When someone places a order the stock is reduced but the order is delayed until payment processing is complete. Most of the time this works out but in the unlikely event that the payment is problematic the order is phased out but the stock is not increased. If you had a stock reduction and out of stock message but no order came thy this is probably what happened.