OOAK Products - Custom Single Production Items

I’m trying to determine if Tindie is the right place to offer my unique one off creations.

For example, custom Arduino boards that are hand soldered and placed in wooden project boxes or custom Bluetooth speakers.

The things is that no product is the same due to material availability, as I try and reuse material and recycle. (For example, you can get old electronic devices at thrift stores and salvage individual components to create something new)

I’m just not sure how that would work on Tindie. Would I just create a product knowing it will only ever have a max stock count of one?

Any insight would be awesome.


Hey David
I can help you if you elaborate your topic

Basically, these products will be projects I have put together, but will be OOAK (One Of A Kind).

An example of a product I am working on is an Arduino breakout board with a 1.3" OLED display all contained in an old 3.5" portable slide viewer. The OLED will be aligned (as best is possible) with the magnifier and run anything the prospective owner wants.

Now from a production point of view, there only can be one of these, as older slide viewers although plentiful, may not be available in the quantity or cost that would make it an ideal candidate for Mass production.

I’m basically wondering if Tindie will mind if I’m constantly adding new products but only ever having quantity of one except for perhaps a few project boards where I can control parts and availability.

I see lots of sellers who produce boards, but that’s not where my ability lies.