New 'Ships from Filter' - Unintended Consequence?

Dear Tindie…some feedback & suggestions

I recently noticed the prominent new ‘Ships from Filter’ on Tindie, which i presume is well intentioned (with the aim of assisting buyers to buy only from sellers in their own country).

Unintended Consequence?
However, any seller located in a country which is not in the Top Tier of Tindie’s list may now be effectively invisible on Tindie, simply because of this filter. For me this steers us away from the ‘inclusive’ community of what I feel Tindie & Hackaday is (was?).

As an aside, the filter is also broken for me on at least the All Products page (more+ link), which makes things even worse for sellers in countries not in Tindie’s Top Rank. (I recently logged a bug about this. Months ago I also logged a bug about the free shipping filter, which is also broken depending on the country of user)

More inclusive Alternative
If there is a real need for a location style filter, perhaps something like:

  • Americas
  • Asia / Pacific
  • Europe
  • Middle East & Africa
  • Rest of World
  • etc…? (I am pretty sure I left some regions out)

…might be more inclusive & manageable for buyers. (I would prefer if there was no ‘ships from’ filter, but the ‘ships to’ filter would potentially be useful if it worked for me)

Automatically, filtering out (or lower rank in search results for) products that are out of stock, waitlisted or ‘on vacation’ may also help in reducing noise, while browsing.

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(Note: Any of the bugs referred to were observed using the latest Firefox browser on Win7)


Thanks for your feedback.

I just replied to your email about this issue and can confirm our developers are addressing it. We appreciate your bringing it to our attention.

Tindie Team

Hi TindieTeam

Yes, got the reply - tnx :slight_smile: