"New product" & "back in stock" social media posts

I’ve noticed that these are no longer being posted. I assume this is due to the Twitter/X API debacle, and totally understand.

Any chance of getting these on Mastodon?


Hi @jasoncoon,

Our product approval still continues to publish submissions that meet our Designed By category criteria. As of now, there aren’t any plans to migrate these publishing to Mastodon.

Another thing to consider is the amount of Designed By submissions that are submitted by sellers. Only one of those listings will be published on our X page, once a day.

Best :sunglasses:,

Thanks for the reply @bramirez!

I understand, but as someone who prefers Mastodon over X for a variety of reasons, I have to admit that I am disappointed.

You only mention Designed By posts, what about Back in Stock posts? Are those still being published to X? The last one I can find is from June 23rd: https://twitter.com/tindie/status/1672299686479409152

We hear you @jasoncoon but historically speaking Mastadon is a relatively new platform field that was intergrated into the UI. Our support team is limited with resources so it’s not fesiable to expand our automation and rebuild outside of X (Twitter).

To clarify, any product submissions that are categorized as Designed By (Back-in-stock or inapplicable) will be published on X. That’s odd for the time being, I’ll notify the team.

The next time you list a product but don’t see it published please contact our support team at hello@tindie.com.

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I totally understand, especially given the (disappointing) response here: Alternatives to Paypal - #76 by bramirez

I updated the ‘Num in stock’ of several previously out-of-stock products a just few days ago.


I hear you @jasoncoon,

We’ve been bottlenecked and ultimately resource allocation is up the discretion of Supplyframe.

We’ll be on the lookout Jason and let’s stick to emailing support for further escalations :slight_smile:

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