New EU VAT regulations

Endicia has told me now that I must charge VAT for sales into the EU and sign up for something called an IOSS number.

If Tindie isn’t going to do something to make this automatic, then I am likely going to have to stop doing business in the EU.

With the problems I had shipping to Germany, I was able to block that by excluding Germany from the “everywhere else” category. Excluding the EU means individually picking each relevant country (and I don’t know what that list is).

It’s getting to the point where I’m tempted to just limit shipping to the US and Canada and be done with it.

Very Intreresting, I’m living in France and just received PCB from OSHPARK (US) and on delivery I was charged by 19€ for duty and VAT (for 4€ material) it’s just a mess. morever CN22 export on letter was indicating $4.4. Here in France Postal agent was unable to answer any question and just told me it was a total mess to handle for them, lot of administrative task to do on each import now.

What is the IOSS number? because if you charge VAT on ordering and we are charged also on delivery it will make all business of EU and the rest of the world complicated.

I have no problem to pay VAT, but the real not random and duties fee.

Aliexpress now charge VAT on order, need to wait on how it will be handled on reception

And last but not least, 90% of my customers are in France, so shipped From France to France, how can I handle VAT also?


Apparently this ioss thing is for people outside the EU shipping into the EU. My best guess is that the recipient would not be charged VAT on receipt because it would have been paid at the time of purchase.

But if Tindie can’t figure out who is an EU customer and who isn’t and charge the VAT for the right customers, there’s no way for me to do this after the fact.

Same thing with domestic sales tax.

True! The same problem is faced by me and unfortunately, I had to close the shipments to the EU because of the complex Tax regulations… Neither Tindie is providing help on this nor any article is made by tindie for the EU customers… I am confused, Please help me out