New costumer heree

Hello guyysss :), i’m new to tindie, i hope someone can help or guide me on buying products,

My first question is;
Is crispytronics a legit seller? Because im planning to buy one of their product,
Next question;
Do tindie shipp item to philippines? For how long? And last;
In payment method using credit card, what does tindie mean by the MM/YY i think this is the 2nd one to be filled, is it thesame expirey of the card?

Thank you in advance guys for helping me :slight_smile:
Have a good day everyone! Stay tindie! :smiley:

Pleasee guys help me. Bump this thread (y)

If the product page says “Shipping to Philippines starts at…” then the seller will ship to your country. You can contact the seller if you want to have that verified.

From the reviews I’d say that crispytronic is a legit seller.

Yes MM/YY is credit card expiry date.

All sellers are checked and legitimate.

The other answer on here is correct as to the MM/YY and the shipping all depends on the seller’s location and type of shipping. Each seller choses their own shipping details. Under the photos of the product, there is a tab for shipping. You can see more information there. If they do not ship to your country, you will get a message when you add to the cart. Good luck!