Multiple Accounts/Email-Address for Store

Is there a way to have multiple accounts associated with a store? or possibly having multiple email addresses? i’d like order notifications to go to a separate email address for fulfillment…

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Thanks for your post.

Unfortunately it is not currently possible to associate any additional email addresses with your store.

This is definitely a request I’ve heard before so I’m happy to add your feedback to the discussion.

Tindie Team

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Hi @prpplague,

I have a similar issue where my Wife helps with the fulfillment of orders but only I get the email.

To get around this, I set up an ESP8266 to poll the tindie API for new orders and to send us a message on Telegram when a new one comes in. It’s a kind of stupid solution, but it actually works pretty well!


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yes, yet another reason to not use Tindie… if you aren’t going to cater to your primary market, then then your primary market is going to go somewhere else… i’ve moved to other platforms that take less “cut”, that have better marketing options, and are generally more responsive: hey tindie… if you want to keep independent businesses you need to be a hell of a lot more responsive…