Missing or stuck order


(This might be a duplicate in your support system - not really sure whats the ‘correct’ way to lodge a support request)

I suspect I have a missing or stuck order. I listed 4 or my new USB kit ( https://www.tindie.com/products/32519/), the listing page says i have sold 4 - and its out of stock - but i only had 3 orders.

Can someone please have a look in the pneumatic tubes or wherever the orders go - to see if there is a stuck order :smirk:


I have the same issue with two of my products. Tindie what is going on?

I now have a missing order - customer contacted me via product page to say they placed an order, and provided me the order number, also says it charged their card, but it does not show under my store > orders > my orders list

This normally happens when they review an order, you’ll have no visibility of it unless they release it.

It’s been causing sellers problems for years especially during sales and you want to update the stock numbers but sadly nothing has been done about it.