Leaving feedback


I bought an item, but I don’t think I was logged in. Rather, I must have done a guest check-out. Now I’d like to leave some (positive!) feedback, but I’m not sure how (naturally, nothing shows in my “purchases” list). Is there some way I’ll be able to leave feedback on the item?



Hey MBM1980,

As of now a the only way you could leave feedback on any products is by login into a Tindie account. If you choose to make one using the same email that placed the order then your purchase history will be included. After getting setup you can navigate to “purchase history” and leave a review on that item.

Hope that helps,

Thanks - I think I must have made my account and my purchase using different emails. Fortunately, I’ll soon be ordering another of the same, so I will be able to leave the seller the good feedback they deserve. Michael

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