Kitting Companies in the USA?

Hey Team!

Do you know any kitting services in the USA?

I sell a DIY soldering kit, and live in Australia. The sales to USA seem so wasteful as 50% of the cost is in shipping!

I’m looking for a company, similar to Aisler or Seeed Studio but in the USA to:
Put PCB, components and a pretty card into a box and ship them on demand.

Your help is appreciated. Goal is on demand and not to ship to Amazon as that would be a large capital expense.

-John, in Australia

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Hey tinkerelectric,

Unfortunately, I do not have any kitting services to reference. Hopefully, someone else from our community can reach out and provide you with additional resources.

Warm regards,

Bryant Ramirez
Tindie Support Specialist

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I run over the same issue with some design boards I have developed and the best way to market even on a small scale. I do not know your situation or sales approach but you may have heard of and if not they may be of interest. I enjoy the passion of electronic hobby design and not in it for the real revenue, so that could be my setback. None the less, audience exposure is the key to any venture and I wish you the best. If you have success with an avenue please pass it along.