Is there still somebody at Tindie?

After several messages, still no answer, is it the way to treat sellers ?

I also wonder what the acquisition of Supplyframe (Tindie’s parent company) by Siemens will do for the platform. Will they see it’s value and increase the working budget for Tindie, or will they stop the development all together?

Have you been trying to contact them and they are not responding? Try Jasmine Brackett @asiwatch on twitter. If you can’t get anyone to respond, it would suggest the platform is on the way out. Should we all move to Etsy?

hI, thanks for the advice, I have done yesterday morning as I discover your message… this is now 32 hours, still no answer yet nor on their “hot line”

I am thinking this a remake of TITANIC, with nobody to control any

Hey Everyone,

This has just been a convergence of issues.

  1. @SmartElectronic is not seeing our replies from the Zendesk CS system.
  2. Unfortunately, we don’t have official support on Twitter.
  3. Some people were off, so things got a little backed up over the weekend. We’re working extra hard to sort that out now.

Our apologies. We’ll try harder.