I'm suddenly sold out without a corresponding order

I must be doing something wrong here. Last friday, I updated my NanoHub stock with the last 3 remaining boards I had (I keep a couple as reserve usually, but I’m getting a new batch in soon, so I’m selling off the reserve as well). During the weekend I got an order for 1 item and my stock correctly updated to 2. Then, suddenly, I got an e-mail that I sold out, but the remaining 2 boards were never actually sold.

Is there a ghost order I cannot see? Have I done something wrong?

Edit: just got a notification for my ghost order. I suspect somebody has twiddled some knobs and helped me here :slight_smile:


sometimes orders are flagged for manual checking by us, and there is (usually) a short delay before it appears in your order list and a notification is sent.

We’re adding a ‘Pending’ orders status to the order page, so buyers can sellers can see what’s going on, and to avoid this sort of confusion.

btw - if there’s anything urgent, best to email hello@tindie.com as those messages will get answered if I’m out of the office.


Thanks, that clears it up for me. Also, no worries, I considered writing an e-mail but didn’t consider it important enough to bother you.