How / where to select shipping company by customer?

how to select a shipping method when you offer 2 shipping ways to your customer

@jasmineb : can you help, this is many time customer face problem with this

What is great with TINDIE is this is really DIY: help yourself and don’t expect anything else than what is already there

Tindie Team has been nowadays not cooperating with the buyers (That’s what my experience says). There is conditions for two shipping methods :
If you want to provide different services of the same shipping company. For example, I prefer India post for shipments because DHL & FedEx cost me $100 to the US. So, in India post, there are two services involved either Speed Post or Registered Airmail. So, the Tindie algorithm doesn’t allow us to add India post - Speed Mail and India Post - Registered Airmail. Here, the customer will be able to view only one service that you created first in shipping options. To avoid this problem, I choose EMS as the One shipping method and India post-Registered Airmail as the second shipping option. In a nutshell, take care that you don’t create multiple options for the same shipping company.


Thanks to share your experience,
This was not exactly what I was looking for but give me some more understanding about TINDIE “algorithm”.
At that time my problems that I offer cheap China post (but very long to deliver) or express with an other company (more expensive but fast).
When customer buy they choose cheap , but I do realize that, taking customer position with my own product, the cheap post office is always selected and I cannot select the shipping way (change to express)
Do I make wrong on my product description about the shipping option? ( the option appear on the bottom of product description) but cannot be easily selected when you want to buy