How to setup shipping for Multiple Different Items

I have 2 main products, each with different base shipping rates. When ordering 1 of each the shipping calculates as the sum of the two base rates. I would like it to use the highest base rate instead of the sum. Is that possible?

Example: A: Cost $18, Ship $6 B Cost $20, Ship $9
When ordering 1 of each the shipping total is $15, I would like it to be $9.


Hi Shane,
I feel that this can be solved in this way.
The Customer can add both Product A and Product B in the cart and then proceed with the shipping for both in one consignment.
But, if the cost is the sum of two shipping then it might be due to the two different shipping allotted to the two different products.
To deal with the same, you can either (1) give a promotion coupon to the buyer of $6, this will make the shipping $15 - $6 = $9.
Or (2) Keep the shipping value of both the products the same as $9 as the shipping company normally charges according to the weight. Now! This might seem like a hidden profit but this is actually an alternative option. :slight_smile:
I tried to reply as soon as possible so that you don’t keep your customer awaited for a long time.


I don’t have a customer waiting…I had previous orders that charged this way, I did not anticipate this.

How does a customer choose shipping for “one consignment” ?

I am looking for a way to have the shipping fees calculated smarter, ie don’t sum the base levels choose the highest. Is there a way to do that?

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What I do is have the higher and lower shipping options assigned to the smaller item and only the higher shipping option assigned to the larger item.

Then I set the “additional items shipping cost” to 0. This means that each product will have a minimum shipping cost and “additional items ship free”.

If the user selects the small item, they get to choose between high or low shipping cost. If they select the large item they will only be presented with the higher shipping option. If they add both they will only see the higher option.

So far it has covered all my needs.

@pmfoundations method should work. When the smaller item is bought on its own, the lowest rate will be the selected default when they check out.

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