How to Find my Picture Products with Search Engine (Google)

i just start couple days ago to sell products, in the first days i was able to find my products when i use the key words of the product title in Google image or when i paste the URL of the pictures in Google image search.
It is not working anymore when i do the same, Google do not find the image in both way.
In the other hand, i find the products link in the regular Google search, but not the images.
Thanks for your help.

…I posted the same Topic in an other forum, thinking that was the wrong forum…Sorry
could you deleted it ?

Good Morning, Thanks, looks like you fixed it…i got the pictures this morning in the seach engine, need another correction, now for one product the picture and the title is not link to my product but to Beni-Skate’s product ( see Screen shot)

I am disappointed and frustrated, no answer from tindie, i still having the problem, the image link is wrong… Please could someone answer… Thanks


We do include product and store names in the alt tags, but ultimately we have no control over how Google displays image results on their site.

If there are related products at the bottom of the page, photos for those products might end in the search for the original product as well.

Tindie Team

Bonjour, It was not the case, the picture had a link to another product and did not end in the search for the original product ,(see my screen shot) so i deleted it and created another one. Hopping that this time will really work like it should be.
Thanks for your quick answer,
Kindly regards,