How long do we have till request refund?

Ordered an item last March. Curious how long we have till we can request refund via Tindie if it does not arrive in next few days. (It will be 30 days in 6 more days)

What is your order number?

order # 254334. I know covid can slow things down. I just dont want to screw myself in case it never arrives.

did you tr contacting the seller?

Yes, He seems like honest guy. Will contact him again next week if it doesnt show up.
I just didnt know the time we have till I can no longer ask for refund…thx

I’m a seller too, it’s pretty frustrating. I have some orders for Australia and NZ, simply stuck. It’s a huge expense to return money and 100% all those packages will arrive eventually.

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I am a seller too and I can confirm, that currently, it takes 28-35 days to ship a package from Europe to Australia/New Zealand. It used to take 6-10 days normally. When I contacted my post office about it, they responded that they have dropped all guarantees about the delivery period during the pandemic until further notice. If the package is tracked, please wait - it will arrive for sure!


Also I can confirm this to be the case. Before pandemic 10 days to Australia. Now, unknown bordering on forever. I’ve recently increased the shipping cost to allow me to ship with a priority mail service but unfortunately no one seems to want that! Deliveries to Europe are spotty. I have to say that I am extremely disappointed in post offices and customs around the world that don’t seem to be able to get the job done and the sellers take all the blame and all the risk.