"Greedy" review demands => fewer reviews

I’m pretty diligent about leaving positive reviews for vendors, in most places anyway. I understand the value it provides vendors, having been on both sides repeatedly. However, I find Tindie’s review mechanism odious, and have basically stopped giving reviews here.

Requiring categorized values, required written summary AND required (100-char-plus, no less) description text is too much. For simple transactions I may just only want to set the stars and go. Saying you’ll only accept ANY review data from customers if we commit to providing everything including a 100-char-plus mandatory written review will ultimately be counter-productive.

I gave up and walked away after getting told twice my written review (above & beyond written summary) was too short. I doubt I’m the only customer frustrated by this. Just seemed worth mention.

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Do they really ask for that? If so that is very poor indeed. I don’t get that many reviews any more and that could be the reason. @jasminebrackett I think it time to change that!

Agreed. If this requirement were lifted, sellers could be getting more incremental feedback and buyers would be better able to gauge the quality of the items they’re interested in.

I agree completely, I’ve been a seller on Tindie for a couple of years but only made my first purchase on Tindie this week… as far as I can tell it is not possible to leave a review if you purchased the item as a “guest” - you have to create an account first, but worse it is not clear that you need to do that - there is no leave a review call to action anywhere in the Tindie emails.

As a seller I was determined to leave a review for my recent purchase as I know that is important to sellers but honestly if I wasn’t a seller I wouldn’t even realize there were reviews and as a buyer coming for a niche product I may not want to create an account.

Unfortunately I don’t think anything will be done about this, it’s very sad as Tindie seems like a great marketplace for niche products to see it being stuck in this “keep the lights on” mode seems like such a waste.