Grasshopper powered by external Lithium Polymer battery


I am currently running the LoRaWAN_Join_OTAA sketch with the Grasshopper connected to the USB and it works fine. When I try to connect an external Lithium Polymer battery nothing happens. The green LED comes on which indicates that the 3V3 LDO is working fine.

Is there anything else that needs setting up/changing?




Hello Brad,

it looks like you’re using this product

If no one is able to help you here on the forum, you can message Kris (@tleracorp) the seller directly by going to the product page and clicking on ‘Contact Seller’.



The 1S 3.7V LiPo can be connected to the +/- JST port in the middle of the board or by using VIN/GND on the board edge. However, one should not use the 3V3 port on the board edge since this is intended to be an output.

If the LiPo is fully charged and the voltage is at or above 3.7 V so there should be no difference between using USB and using a LiPo battery.

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