Germany refusing mail

I’ve sent hundreds of items over the world, including Germany.

Starting sometime around the fall, Germany began refusing my parcels. This coincides with when the EU started collecting money for any/all items, even cheap items. I added an HS Tariff code. However, Germany seems to be the only country who continues to refuse my parcels. No other EU country has issues.

Has anyone else dealt with this? I need to try and contact the local Germany postal service, in English somehow. The only English content I can find is related to DHL International, the global courier service.

Hey gcormier,

Sorry to hear that you ran into some issues with mailing to Germany. Due to Covid many countries’ shipping rules and policies have been subject to change in order to keep up with high demand, spike carrier service requests, and safety guides.

Getting in touch with the local German postal service seems like the best place to contact. Hopefully, they can provide you with some clarification behind your most recent package refusals.

Best of luck,

Thanks for reaching out!

Unfortunately DP doesn’t speak English, so there is a language barrier issue :slight_smile: Some other users have called in regarding their single package, to which the agent will simply suggest they don’t know why it was returned… but I think it would be ideal if I could call to ask why I have about 12 returned parcels from Germany.

Anytime gcormier,

Having a language barrier may pose a temporary blocker. Assuming you already contacted your local postal customs could they answer any questions regarding the packaged getting bounced? Just as Tindie would support their own user base I would advocate that you keep calling until you get connected to the right person. Customer service needs to at lease point you in the right direction to another agent that may have an answer regarding this unique circumstance.

Don’t give up,

Unfortunately Canada Post was not very useful :slight_smile:

I will keep trying. Perhaps the local german embassy can at least help me in the right direction. although rather unrelated to their mission…

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