Flux capacitor battery holder repair

Hello all. I ordered the nifty flux capacitor you see here -

and it arrived a-ok. Except that the battery holder inside it broke off the board the second I attached a battery. Since neither I or Tindie were able to reach the seller for advice, I was wondering if anyone could tell me how the type of coin battery holder you can see in the photos was attached to the board? It doesn’t appear to be solder. Whatever it is/was , I can barely discern. Suggestions?

Thanks! : )

From the pictures, it appears to be surface mount soldered with solder paste, although poorly. You should be able to set it back in position and solder the tab to the pad as long as it wasn’t damaged when pulled off.

Thanks wkshp! Hm, solder paste. I just googled that… oof. I am a poor solderer, and the amount of paste that may have been there must have been incredibly tiny. I’ll see if I can find somebody I know with better skills to do it for me. : )