Find Source:AKM AK4552VT (AK4552VT-E2) -Audio Interface 24 b Serial 16-TSSOP

Hello, the subject itself says almost everything. Since the fire destroyed AKM Audio Chip Factory, several customers of our company are looking for AK4552VT (or AK4552VT-E2) DataSheet we will accept in any available quantity (Small or large) and will process the order quickly if we receive the evidence of parts on hand.

PM or just reply back is fine!


Hi, it seems that many people are having the same issue.

It’s showing out of stock in the usual places

You might also try posting to as well.

Good luck with the hunt!

You can also check out:

Hi Jasmine, thanks for your reply! It is really difficult for us and our client to handle the AKM parts.
We searched these parts almost from every source we know but nothing turned out.

Thanks for your suggestion and will try that.

Hi…“USB FS-mismatch” happens after you have diverse examining rate on your Demonstrate 16 and your DAW or in Windows itself. For case you have got to have 24/44.1 OR 24/48 set in both occasions. On the demonstrate 16 you’ll make a modern tune with the proper test rate… and after that select the same test rate in your DAW’s Sound Setup.