Exporting Products from UK


I am looking to use Tindie to help sell my Retro Computer Parts, currently I use Ebay, but I get so many overseas buyers saying Ebays own delivery costs from the UK are super crazy high.

I have always used Ebays Delivery service for ease of convenience…

Is there information, or does anyone know how we ensure we get imports/exports covered when using Tindie and maybe how much customers could get charged when parcel turns up etc etc?

Trying to find this information out is tough.


Hi Overage,

It depends on where you are sending the items. The US doesn’t really charge import tax/fees.

The EU does, and currently we don’t collect those on behalf of sellers sending to or within the EU, so the charge will be levied on the buyer when the package is delivered.

Fees vary for other countries, but you can usually find out by looking at the post office or government websites.

As a seller on Tindie, you set the postage charge and what shipping services you will use to send.

Have a great week