Example export file for store with multiple items?

Does anyone have an example .CSV file with two or three records with orders for more than one item? I want to get ahead of the game and edit my invoice mailmerge file for when I add a product. Right now, I only have one product, but I need to see what the file looks like if someone orders two products. IOW, right now, the fields are order id, product title, unit price, qty, item total, etc. Does it just repeat these lines with the same order number so I need to do a calculation to figure out which items belong on the same invoice. IOW, does it look like this:

order id, order total, model number, unit price, quantity, item total
1000, 50.00, Arduino Board, 30, 1, 30
1000, 50.00, ESP32 Board, 10, 2, 20
2000 - 30, Arduino Board, 30, 1, 30
3000 …

It would be nice to have an actual file to be able to see exactly what Tindie puts into each of those fields for a store with multiple items.

It repeats the lines with the same order number. Address and stuff is only on the first one

“Order ID”,“Order Date”,“First Name”,“Last Name”,“Email”,“Company”,“Phone”,“Street”,“City”,“State/Province”,“Postal/Zip Code”,“Country”,“Shipping Instructions”,“Shipping Method”,“Shipping Total”,“Discount Total”,“Discount Codes”,“Tax”,“Order Total”,“Tindie Fee”,“Transaction Fee”,“Seller Amount”,“Refund Date”,“Shipped”,“Tracking Number”,“Pay Out Status”,“Pay Out Date”,“Product Title”,“Option Summary”,“Model Number”,“Status”,“Unit Price”,“Discount Price”,“Quantity”,“Item Total”
422355",“2023-10-02”,“redacted”,“redacted”,"redacted@gmail.com”,“privat”,"+redacted",“redacted”,“redacted”,"",“82041”,“Germany”,"",“United States Postal Service First-Class Package International Service”,“20.00”,“0.00”,"",“0.00”,“50.90”,“2.54”,“2.08”,“46.28”,"",“2023-10-03”,“https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction!input.action?tLabels=redacted",“Complete”,“2023-10-03”,"OctosonarX2 - connect 16 x HC-SR04 to Arduino”,“Module or Kit: Module and 80 header pins”,“1.0.1-1.0.1”,“billed”,“24.95”,“24.95”,“1”,“24.95”
“422355”,“2023-10-02”,"","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","",“Trimount brackets for HC-SR04 Sensors - set of 4”,“Four Trimount brackets: 4 boards; Standoffs: 8 x 20mm standoffs”,“1-1”,“billed”,“5.95”,“5.95”,“1”,“5.95”